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Traditional Simnel cake - from £20

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Simnel cakes originally were made for Mothering Sunday, the workers would make them for their Mothers to take home for their one day off a year. They now have become the traditional Easter Cake.

This cake is baked in a very slow oven for 5 to 6 hours which guarantees a moist delicious cake. It is a fruit cake packed with marzipan. The 11 balls adorning the cake symbolise the Apostles minus Judas.

We make it in 2 different sizes and can make it gluten free or vegan  to order. 

We use no plastic in any of our packaging all our products are totally recyclable and eco-friendly. 

INGREDIENTS: Butter, Sugar, free range Eggs, organic Flour, Sultanas, Marzipan, Currants, natural coloured Cherries, Lemon zest & juice, Mixed spice. Allergens - underlined