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Massagical Gift Set - Original

One jar of Massagical Cream and one jar of Massagical Gold Salt Scrub in a beautiful jute gift bag. 

Massagical Cream - 160ml

This amazing cream combines the benefits of Shea butter with the Massagical oils for an uplifting revival for your hands, feet and skin and is beneficial for many problematic skin conditions.

To use, apply a small touch of cream and massage it into your skin for Massagically soft and supple skin! Apply Massagical Cream daily, or whenever your skin feels dry.

Ingredients:Organic unrefined shea butter, elderflower infused rapeseed oil, hemp seed oil, natural vitamin E, borage oil and essential oils of lemon, lemongrass, lime and spearmint

Ⓥ Vegetarian + Vegan friendly

Massagical Gold Salt Scrub - 160ml

This wonderful salt scrub cleans, exfoliates and lightly moisturises your skin. Made from cold-pressed rapeseed oil infused with masses of elderflowers, which is blended with other healing oils and Himalayan rock salt, creating an uplifting and refreshing treat for your skin. 

To use, gently stir the contents of the jar with the provided applicator, ensuring there is both salt and oil on the applicator. Wipe one side of the applicator onto your hands. Massage thoroughly into your hands for approximately 45 seconds before rinsing off the salt with a little water. Pat hands dry.

Ingredients: Himalayan rock salt, elderflower infused rapeseed oil, hemp seed oil, calendula infused rapeseed oil, borage oil and essential oils of lemon, lemongrass, lime and spearmint 

Ⓥ Vegetarian + Vegan friendly