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Cork Round Iceberg Cork Placemats - Set of 4  - Vegan

Cork Round Iceberg Cork Placemats - Set of 4 - Vegan

Isabel Haines Heritage Brands
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Naturally lightweight, with all the looks and wipeable practicality of cork without the thickness - their slimline profile make these a modern classic. Reverse side is a plain granulated cork finish. Each mat is unique. 100% natural cork mix is deliberately varied with large and small chunks of cork (called Iceberg) in a wide but regular palette of natural pinky beige to natural browns. Every mat is unique. Wipeable, lightweight. Sold Singly, unwrapped. Ecologically harvested in 700 acres of cork oak forest (Quercus Suber), supporting indingineous endangered species such as the Iberian Lymx and the Imperial Eagle. VEGAN Accredited. Made in Portugal.