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Pink Avocet

Classic Button Cashmere Poncho

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These famous Pink Avocet Classic Button Ponchos are multi-purpose and can be worn in many different ways - as a poncho; a shrug; a cardigan; a scarf; a snood; and a shawl. It comes with instructions, so play around to find your favourite. Cover everything up on the school run, look glam going out for dinner.  Stylish, easy to wear, soft, versatile and great for layering, wonderful for travelling (on planes or in the cooler evenings when the temperature drops) and small enough to put in your handbag and use when out and about to look chic.   

COLOURS: Too many to list!  One for every outfit.....

SIZE: One size fits all  Long side 150cm Short side 140cm (75x70 when folded)

COMPOSITION: 40% cashmere, 15% silk, 15% lambswool, 30% mix making them tougher than pure cashmere, machine washable and excellent value.