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Mature Christmas Pudding

Mature Christmas Pudding

Plum Duff & Stuff
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Matured for one year.

***Our last ordering date for Christmas is 18th Dec for UK.

** We will post the Christmas puddings to get to you in time for Christmas unless another date is specified in the order comments.

The plum duff pudding ingredients are carefully selected and include free range eggs, organic flour, fresh oranges, apples and lemons (no candied peel) and ethically sourced RSPO vegetable suet.

INGREDIENTS Currants, Brown Sugar, Sultanas, Raisins, Free-range Eggs, Ethically sourced RSPO Vegetable Suet, Wholemeal Breadcrumbs, Organic Wholemeal SR Flour, Guinness, Brandy, Apples, Lemons, Oranges, Flaked Almonds, Cherries, Mixed Spice, Nutmeg, Cinnamon - Allergen Ingredients

TO STORE Store somewhere dry, well ventilated & cool (6°c-10°c).

TO STEAM When steaming the pudding it will need anything from 30 minutes to an hour. Steam the pudding as is, leaving the calico and silicon paper on. Do not stand the pudding in water, we don’t want a soggy bottom! All our puddings have been steamed for 8 hours already and therefore are cooked so they just need to be warmed up.

To Microwave We do not recommend microwaving the 4lb or 5lb pudding. Please see further microwave instructions on this website under Recipes/Heating instructions.