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frequently asked questions

What is Brilliant Little Brands?

We provide a fabulous shopping experience for charity fair supporters to buy from our select boutique brands using a style of marketplace familiar to online shoppers. We offer our platform to charity partners to host their own virtual shopping event. Our 100+ curated brands commit to donate 10% to charity from any sale made on Brilliant Little Brands.

How do charities benefit?

Each fair has its own dedicated home page within BLB to which they promote to their supporters and followers. We use ‘behind the scenes’ tracking of visitors to the website so whenever a sale is made it enables us to attribute 10% of the value to the fair page that the shopper first arrived at. Using a ‘cookie’ we can keep track of any future sales from the shopper even if they don’t subsequently visit the original fair’s landing page (for up to 180 days).

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How much of my donation does the charity receive?

When a visitor makes a dedicated donation (as opposed to just shopping), we pass 95% of it to the charity. 2.5% covers the charge from the card processing company and 2.5% is a BLB admin fee. We are primarily a shopping website but provide a donation feature as a service to our charity partners. You can donate a maximum of £200, as it is not our intention to make a profit from accepting donations. If you wish to donate more please contact the charity direct.

How does delivery work?


Each of our brands ships directly to you using their own carriers. If you are ordering from multiple brands, some may offer free shipping, some may not. Free delivery will be by their standard service. Please be aware that due to Covid and at this busy time of year, shipping may take longer than normal.

Free shipping is only valid for UK delivery addresses.

Where's my order?

Most brands will use a trackable delivery service. When your order is ready to ship, you will get an email to advise you that it is being processed which will have a link for you to see how it’s doing.

Do you have a sustainability policy?

We have been founded on the principle of socially responsible shopping. All of our members have a track record of donating 10% of their sales at charity events. We do not tempt customers with discounts but give them opportunity to make a difference in their community. We select brand members for the quality and uniqueness of their product and actively seek out those who have the highest ethical and sustainable standards.

Which charity will brands donate their 10% of my purchase to?

If you arrived at the site as a result of clicking a link from a charity, then brands will donate 10% of your purchases to that charity. If you came directly to the site without clicking a charity link, the brands will donate to BLB's charity of the month. 

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