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The Right Kit

TRK Premium Filters

TRK Premium Filters

TRK Premium Filters come with a lens clip and 7 different 37mm attachments.  The CPL filter, ND32 filter, star filter, Graduated red / blue / yellow / orange filters  are compatible with most of smartphones and camera lenses.

The ND (Neutral Density) filter

This filter is double threaded which allows additional filters or accessories to be mounted over the other.  See how it reduces the amount of light reaching the sensor without affecting the colour.

The CP (Circular Polarising) Filter

This one removes unwanted reflections and glare from non-metallic surfaces such as glass or water. Notice improved clarity and saturation in distant objects by eliminating haze. Simply rotate the front ring to adjust the view.

Star Filter

The Star Filter gives a dazzling burst of light when you shoot into candles, reflections and streetlights etc.  Rotate the filter to maximise the effects of the rays.

Graduated Filters

The Red Blue Yellow and Orange Filters are perfect to enhance your images. These filters are mounted on a rotating frame so you can experiment with where the colour is placed on your photos.  They provide a gradual colour transition and are traditionally used for photographing the sky, sunsets and landscapes

The Right Kit is all about having fun with phone photography.  Take photos & make videos using interchangeable lenses & accessories for your phone.

Add on Lenses, Essentials or Accessories to make up The Right Kit for you.   Anyone interested in photography will love using these because they are all easy to use, easy to carry, light weight and very small.

Enhance the content of your blog posts & tutorials and take more of your own website and stock photography.

Check out the events page to find out where you can try before you buy.

Our interchangeable smartphone lenses are suitable for most smart phones and tablets but may block your flash or sensor.  Lenses, caps, clips, backs & magnets are not toys, neither are they edible, they are for photographic use only, for this reason please keep them away from small children.  Most importantly, the full range of lenses essentials and accessories are available online.  Contact Sandra for aftercare & replacements parts or find us on Youtube for how to videos hints and tips.