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Cornucopia Candles

Incandescent Signature Candle

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Green tea & Passion Fruit – an infusion of fresh green tea sweetened with the aroma of ripe passion fruit.
Lime, Basil & Mandarin - top notes of mandarin, lime, grapefruit and lemon with a hint of spearmint and a watery floral and basil heart.
Orange & Grapefruit - sweet orange complemented with zesty grapefruit.
Fig - exotic eastern Mediterranean fig blended with woody and green notes.
Champagne Rhubarb - Sparklingly sharp rhubarb and sweet lychee with heart of white lily, peony and green tea.
Golden Citrus & Jasmine - An uplifting and energising aroma of shimmering citrus grapefruit and bergamot, mingled with jasmine and green florals with hints of white musk and woods.
Orchard Pear & White Musk - Juicy, fruity green orchard pear and fresh green apples intertwined with a hint of light green florals, muguet and rose bound together with a creamy musk base.
Velvet Rose & Gardenia - A sensual oriental bouquet of rose, jasmine, heliotrope and gardenia. Richly spiced with cinnamon, ginger and cardamom and rounded off with creamy vanilla and balsam.
Pomegranate - rich juicy pomegranate spiced with amber and woody base notes.
Spiced Apple & Pumpkin - reminiscent of a favourite seasonal hot toddy with spicy apples, cloves and pumpkin pie.
Cinnamon & Orange - rich and comforting notes of cinnamon blended with sweet orange and a hint of clove.
Angelica - warming seasonal aromas of chocolate, vanilla, berries and bergamot.
Beach House - an invigorating ozonic fragrance reminiscent of long walks along hot sandy beaches.